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There’s a good reason why Bright Sun lamps are the best-selling lamp in Germany, with over 50,000 such lamps being sold there each year. To understand why, we need look no further than the requirements of one the world’s favourite pet reptiles.

Bright Sun Desert lamps provide excellent levels of UV light, but they also provide a good amount of heat and offer a massive output of visible light too, making them an ideal option for desert species such as the ever-popular Bearded Dragon. When German reptile stores sell a Bearded Dragon, they’ll also usually sell a Bright Sun lamp – and that’s why they’re so popular.

There are a few cultural reasons why the UK has yet to catch on. First is our age-old reliance on the tried and tested UV tubes. Changing the habits of a nation takes time, but the tide is slowly beginning to turn. Another reason is the fact that glass terrariums are the go-to choice on the continent, whereas wooden vivariums are still hugely popular here in the UK. With that in mind these bulbs would be best suited in a large, taller vivarium with good heat dispersion capabilities.

As Bright Sun UV Lamps use an external ballast, they are not compatible with thermostats. For us Brits, that’s a real problem. However, in Germany they take a different approach. They realise temperatures in the wild are never constant and therefore, why should they remain the same in captivity? They add their layer of safety by ensuring their vivariums are large enough and well ventilated. Furthermore, some keepers switch their bulbs throughout the year, using a 70W in winter and a 35W bulb in summer. Most however, use large terrariums with screen lids and position their bulbs above the screen lid.

Most of the energy produced by Bright Sun lamps is converted into light, not heat. (Compare this to an incandescent bulb, where 95% of the lamps energy is emitted as heat.) This not only gives the ideal light output described above, but also helps to guard against overheating. While the Bright Sun converts most of its energy to light, the reflectorized lamp can still provide a great basking area and a good heat gradient for the rest of the space in the enclosure.

A Bright Sun UV Desert 70W lamp offers heat and UV output comparable to a 160W mercury vapour lamp, but its light output is five times higher. On a sunny day in nature, a Bearded Dragon can expect a light intensity of 100,000 lux or higher. Although the Bright Sun can’t match the power of the sun, it is leagues ahead of a mercury vapour lamp in terms of lux output.

Bright Sun UV Desert 70W = 60,000 lux at 30 cm
Mercury vapour lamp = 10,000 lux at 30 cm

Research and tests have shown that reptiles from desert regions prefer a daylight spectrum with a colour temperature of 6000K, which is exactly what you get with the Bright Sun UV Desert. Providing a broad spectrum of light means it is ideal for planted bioactive terrariums. As an all-in one light source, Bright Sun lamps greatly reduce the set up and running costs, whilst also reducing energy consumption – which means a much greener and cleaner lighting option.

Coast to Coast Exotics recognised this need many years ago, and still feel this is an overlooked topic when keeping basking diurnal species. Its crucial for the mental well being for basking diurnal species such as Bearded dragons, Uromastyx, water Dragons and the like. Please share this blog to get the word more widespread.


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