Viruses and bacteria are microscopically small and invisible to the naked eye, so only through laboratory testing can we know how well any disinfectant product is performing. ProTect Ultimate is unique – while most disinfectants are produced for a generic market and rebranded for the reptile industry, ProTect Ultimate was developed specifically for use with reptiles. As a result, ProTect Ultimate outperformed rival brands by a significant margin.

In a three-minute exposure test, ProTect Ultimate was able to totally eradicate crypto on contact. ProTect Ultimate also leaves behind a residue, providing ongoing protection. It is the only reptile disinfectant to actively kill cryptosporidium spores and is, to our knowledge, the only vivarium cleaner on the market proven to totally eliminate crypto on contact and provide ongoing protection.



No other disinfectant available in the reptile market performs as well as ProTect Ultimate. ProTect Ultimate was developed to kill a wide variety of pathogens:


  1. Kills viruses
  2. Kills bacteria
  3. Kills fungus
  4. Kills mould
  5. Kills salmonella
  6. Kills microsporidia
  7. Kills cryptosporidium
  8. Kills spores

Cryptosporidium is notoriously hard to kill and can be a major problem for reptile keepers – especially those who keep Leopard Geckos and Fat Tailed Geckos.


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