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Coast to Coast Exotics is the longest established exotic animal  and reptile shop in the North East, and one of only a handful that have traded for three decades in the UK. It has a reputation that can only be earned over a long period of time!

We are all enthusiasts like yourself and love to share our knowledge and expertise. But beware, our enthusiasm is infectious! We can help you, no matter what your level within the hobby.

Coast to Coast Exotics offers the largest selection of exotic animals in the UK with unusual and infrequently seen for sale species our speciality. At any one time we have over 500 reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and other exotic animals for sale.

We stock a huge array of equipment including all the major brands, including ProRep, Lucky Reptile, Microclimate, Arcadia, Zoo Med, Komodo and WhitePython – along with more unique hard to find brands such as Pangea and Repashy.

We Know Our Animals

Care Sheets
Information Guides
Collared lizards

Collared lizards

Blue Tongue Skinks

Blue Tongue Skinks

Madagascan Giant Day gecko – Phelsuma grandis

Yellow Bellied toads – Bombina variegata

Horsfields Tortoise – Agrionemys horsfieldii

Komodo Turtle / Terrapin Diets

Bone Headed toads – Ingerophrynus galeatus

Zoo Med Paludarium system – building a home for aquatic, semi-aquatic and arboreal species

Golden Sun Skinks – Eutropis multifasciata

Zoo Med Lizard and Tortoise Toppers

Reptile Wound treatment – Vetark Tamodine

Taurrus Predatory mites for treating infestations of snake mite

Zoo Med Repti-Fogger review

Crested Anoles

Bosc Monitors

Exo Terra Bendable Vines for natural planted terraria.

Salmon Pink tarantulas – Lasiodora parahybana

Socotra Island Baboon Tarantula (Monocentropus Balfouri)

Jungle Carpet pythons – Morelia spilota cheynei

Brown Basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus)

Woodlice and Pillbugs

Kenyan Sand boas

Golden treefrogs

Common boas

Red Eyed Crocodile Skinks – Tribolonotus gracilis

Smooth Sided toads – Rhaebo guttatus

Bearded Dragons

Painted Dragons

False Water Cobra

Red Foot Tortoise – Chelonoidis carbonarius

Central American Banded gecko – Coleonyx mitratus

Club Tailed Iguana

Vietnamese Blue Flying Treefrogs

African Bull Frogs

Golden Tegu – Tupinambis teguixin

Banded Water snakes – Nerodia fasciata

Emerald Green Eyed Treefrogs – Hypsiboas crepitans

Cope’s Grey Treefrog – Hyla chrysoscelis (recently reclassified as Dryophytes chrysoscelis)

Togo Starburst Baboon – Heteroscodra maculata

The Lake Cuitzeo Garter Snake – Thamnophis eques cuitzeoensis

Mourning geckos – Lepidodactylus lugubris

Oriental Fire Bellied toads – Bombina orientalis

Desert Hairy Scorpions – Hadrurus arizonensis

Golden geckos – Gekko ulikovskii

For the sake of our Chameleons

“True” Tomato frogs

Philippine Leaf Insect

Fire Skinks – Lepidothyris fernandi

Ridleys Beauty snake – Othriophis taeniurus ridleyi

Wild Caught Animals


Northern Pine snakes (Pitouphis melanoleucus)

Elegant gecko (Stenodactylus sthenodactylus)

Leipzig Zoo

Photography at Coast to Coast Exotics

Top Tips – June 2019

Keeping Dice snakes (Natrix tessellata)

Keeping a very unusual salamander species – the Siren

Looking after livefood in the summer months.

Arcadia LampGuardPro

Speke’s Hingeback tortoises (Kinixys spekii)

Repashy Cherry Bomb

Emerald Swifts (Sceloporus malachitus)

Aquarium of Genoa

Burgers Zoo – Netherlands

Taiwan beauty snakes – Orthriophis taeniura friesei

Fan Foot Geckos – Ptyodactylus guttatus

Natural Terraria Department

Reptile Egg Incubation

Trip to Australia – Northern territory, Darwin and Kakadu National Park

Trip to Australia – Northern territory, Darwin and Kakadu National Park

Tortoise Diets

T5 or T8? Which is better?

Care Of Morroccan Eyed Lizards

Care of Livefood in Cold Weather

Australian Outback

DivideBuy Interest Free Credit

Our role in helping the future reptile keepers – our fitment of vivaria at Myerscough Croxteth College

Animal Information Guides

Animal Information Guides

Hardware Information Guides

Hardware Information Guides

Chelonia Care Sheets

Chelonia Care Sheets

Lizard Care Sheets

Lizard Care Sheets

Snake Care Sheets

Snake Care Sheets

Amphibian Care Sheets

Amphibian Care Sheets

Why Coast To Coast?

Team Experience
Reptile keepers for over 50 Years! Here at Coast to Coast Exotics we live and breathe exotic anim...
Animal List
Our impressive, constantly changing animal list features some extremely exotic animals.
Lifetime of Help and Advice
Always here to help! Coast to Coast Exotics is the longest established exotic animal shop in th...
Wide Selection of Products
We stock everything you need! We stock a huge array of equipment, probably the largest selectio...
Comprehensive Range of Services
Reptile Boarding Our boarding facility is fully licensed and insured against theft. Our vivariums a...

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