We stock everything you need!

We stock a huge array of equipment, probably the largest selection available “off the shelf” in the area. Décor, bowls, frozen food, sexing probes, lighting, heating, thermostats, live plants, livefood, hides – you name it we are likely to have it! All the major brands are stocked including ProRep, Habistat, Betta, Pets2Wholesale, Lucky Reptile, Microclimate, ArcadiaZoo Med and WhitePython – along with more unique hard to find brands such as Pangea and Repashy.

Even if you cannot see it in store or on our website, we can get it!

This does not mean we do not cater for the core species that all other shops stock – the ones ideally suited for the less experienced keeper. We have a wide selection of ages, morphs and localities of Leopard geckos, Corn snakes, Crested geckos, Bearded Dragons, Royal pythons and tortoises.

Both common and unusual species are well catered for, in both what we provide to the keeper in advice and also associated equipment. For the more advanced keeper we have a wide selection of hard to find live plants, specialist equipment such as MistKing and ready built natural bio-active terraria – and also a wealth of expertise from general care to advanced technique guidance. For the less experienced keeper we have a huge range of equipment including Starter Kits on all commonly kept species – and everything you can imagine after that.

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