June was a busy month for us, and slowly it does seem that normality returns on supplies of animals and equipment that were so badly affected by Covid. We even have more and more Corn snakes, Bearded Dragons and Leopard geckos now – who would have thought such popular pets would ever be in such short supply!

Dalmation Crested Gecko (Correlophus ciliatus)

Some simply beautiful Crested geckos arrived, including some Dalmation Cresties.  Crested geckos are a fantastic arboreal species that are easy to maintain and very characterful. They do well in natural planted terraria, just remember to keep them on the cooler side – anything higher than around 25-26C can increase the likelihood of stress and health issues. Most keepers provide UVB nowadays for this species, we always suggest Arcadia’s ShadeDweller. This species is so well catered for in the hobby that a balanced diet is easy to maintain with packeted formulas such as Habistat’s Crested Gecko Diet. We have added this range into the store this month, check it out next time you are in the store – or visit our Horny-Toad eBay store.


Some fantastic little worms dressed as hatchling Lake Chapalla Garter Snakes (Thamnophis eques obscurus) arrived with us! Joking apart these attractive tiny little fellas grow into a chunky adult Garter snake. A species not often seen offered for sale, and who doesn’t love a Garter?!!


One of our favourite frog species here at Coast to Coast is the Marsupial frog group. Unfortunately we rarely managed to be able to offer them to our customers. We were so pleased to get some baby Riobamba Marsupial Frogs (Gastrotheca riobambae). Check out the pictures – too cute! If you are unsure about what makes these so special Google about their fascinating breeding behaviour.


Oh, this is a good a place as anywhere to announce we have started to restock Habistat Thermostats, and selected other products in their range. After Reptile One left the UK market place we had a gaping hole to fill, and were happy to fill it with Habistat. We had previously stocked their products right from the beginning – when we opened nearly 30 years ago. So check out the various new products on our shelves such as their tortoise food, substrates and Rain systems.


Lastly, in amongst all the critters we stocked this month we wanted to mention the Petrie’s Dune Gecko (Stenodactylus petrii). These are a super cute small desert species that deserves much more attention from breeders. Is there anybody out there inspired to have a go breeding this wonderful species? They are easy to maintain, and certainly shouldn’t provide too many difficulties in breeding.



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