Some beautiful Cane toads (sometimes called Marine Toads) arrived with us. This is usually referred to us the largest toad in the world growing to around 20-25cm. The Marine toad name comes from the ability they have to tolerate brackish water. The more recent name, Cane toad, comes from their success in colonising cane plantations in Australia. They are easy to maintain, greedy and very hardy (ask any Australian).

The Bearded Dragon is now pretty much the most popular larger pet lizard species. They are usually tame and relatively easy to maintain. Another reason why they are so popular is that they now come in a variety of colours. Various shipments of morphs arrived last month and always sell quickly.

Coast to Coast Exotics always tries to stock a large array of spiders and tarantulas – often as spiderlings ready for you to grow on. We managed to get some little beauties of the Pink Bloom tarantula. This species originates from Brazil, females grow the largest at around 10-11cm – but males are the prettiest with a stunning pink / purple colour.

Various snakes arrived with us, mainly hatchlings, but a stunning adult Florida Kingsnake really stood out. This is a species that was commonly kept a couple of decades ago, but nowadays isn’t frequently seen in collections – or kept as pets. Quite a large chunky King snake as an adult, they tend to be very greedy feeders – watch those fingers!

Some Sharp Ribbed newts also came into stock. This newt species is primarily aquatic, but we always provide land for them should they choose to leave the water. They are a fascinating species with the ability, as adults, to pierce their sides with their ribs. Isn’t nature wonderful? And slightly strange at times!

See you next month

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