We are happy to provide home delivery during the November lockdown for those that cannot get to the store, or it’s more convenient. However we are still open throughout as an essential business.

We can do our home van delivery service. It is for customers within a 15 mile radius of Darlington – this includes much of Teesside, County Durham and Teesdale. Delivery day is Thursday of each week, in the afternoon / early evening – we will contact you with an hour slot for your delivery. We can carry small or larger orders, up to a four feet long flatpack vivarium. We can deliver everything that is available in store, including animals. Delivery cost is £3.50 within five miles, £5 after five miles, no matter how many items (as long as they fit in the van). We won’t be able to enter your home, it is a doorstep service – every contact will be socially distanced of 2m apart, with mask wearing by both parties. However, depending on how busy the delivery run is we may be able to offer some advice on the doorstep on the larger orders – for example setting up a vivarium for an animal.

We can also post out equipment, livefood and some invertebrates (depending on weather) on Monday to Friday (we can’t post livefood on Fridays in case it gets lost in the busier weekend post) . We cannot post frozen foods. We use Royal Mail for most orders, on a 24 hour service. We may need to offer either Hermes on a 4-5 day service for large orders – or better still our own van home delivery service. Cost for most orders with Royal mail is £3.74 per parcel up to 999g, Special delivery for spiders and invertebrates is £9.


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