For several years Exo Terra, and other manufacturers, have provided the more typical reptile egg incubator – the one that looks like a mini fridge. These aren’t bad at all as an incubator, they have shelves inside and a front door to gain access. They seem to maintain a reasonably accurate temperature control too – certainly the fluctuations never seem to be too great to cause egg development problems.

However Exo Terra have now introduced a different incubator, for those that need to incubate more eggs  with greater control over temperature and humidity. The incubator itself comes with a dimming / pulse proportional thermostat that seems to provide an even greater temperature control than their other incubator. It is reasonably large with internal dimensions of 40.5cm x 40.5cm x 16cm which allows for six of their new incubation boxes, which are available to buy separately. These boxes have great ventilation allowing perfect humidity around all the eggs in the box – they also have egg indentations so the eggs cannot roll. To finish the system off they have a separate humidifier that plugs into a USB socket.


All in all it’s a very neat unit, that seems to work accurately and is well thought out for the needs of a low volume reptile breeder.

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