Turtles, or more commonly referred to as terrapins in the UK, are a common pet. We at Coast to Coast Exotics have never fully “got behind” selling terrapins as we firmly believe there are better pet reptile species to keep. They can be a more complex animal to keep than many people think, and this is reflected in the amount of terrapins in rescue centres – by far the commonest reptile to find themselves homeless. However in the right hands, with people that can cope with their needs they are an interesting and fulfilling animal to keep.

Komodo have come up with this rather well thought out range of foods for terrapins that seems to work very well. They are specific to terrapin species needs. Some eat sunken matter, others eat from the top for example. We have found this one thought alone has proved to be very useful.

Complete Sinking Diet is ideal for Musk Turtles plus all bottom feeding terrapins. A nutritious blend of ingredients with added vitamin A helping prevent problems such as swollen eyes.

Complete Floating Diet is a pellet for all aquatic Turtles & Terrapins. These multi coloured floating pellets will not cloud water when used as directed. A balanced holistic food for all life stages.

Natural Treat Mix is a complementary treat for Terrapins & Turtles. 100% dried whole fishes provide an excellent source of calcium, provide a natural source of protein and oils and colour boosting carotene.

Complete Mixed Diet is suitable for all aquatic Turtles & Terrapins. Specifically formulated with a blend of pellets mixed with 5 natural insects, crustaceans & whole fish, providing a complete diet with the added benefit of a natural colour boost and high calcium.

We have used these diets with great success, probably a little less frequently than the manufacturer states – feed as much as will be consumed in 4-5 minutes, no more than twice daily. Recommended.

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