I’ve used MistKing systems for several years now, long before they had a UK importer and distributor. As a fan of eco-natural planted terraria and frog keeping I first started with the more “off the shelf” beginner misting systems provided by the more “mainstream manufacturers”. However I was quick to realise that these were not up to my needs, and really only suitable for home use with a low use environment. I noticed the various misting systems that plant nurseries were using over in Holland, and then saw similar systems for sale at European shows such as at Houten and Hamm.  I took the plunge and never looked back. I have also installed systems in colleges and elsewhere that have very heavy use – they are still working well and allowing the customer to expand as and when.


A good starting point is one of the starter kits MistKing have put together, then add to your system from the myriad of accessories as and when you require them. Some of the kits will run a surprising amount of misting systems through multiple terraria so extra piping and misting nozzles is the commonest way to expand a system.


An essential item for all frog and Day gecko keepers, those that keep plants and of course those into bio-active natural terraria. Highly recommended, the first choice when requiring the best misting systems available. You won’t regret the initial expense after years of trouble-free perfect running.

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