We are always looking to give a better experience at Coast to Coast Exotics. We installed a new department some four years ago dedicated to natural terraria, as this has become more and more popular with our customers we have relocated and refurbished the department. It’s now closer to the main showroom, right next door, in fact.

Natural terraria are nothing new in the hobby. When I first started, some forty years or more ago, all my terraria were planted with real plants, complete with drainage layers and what is now referred to us clean up crew (Woodlice etc). It’s documented as long ago as two hundred years, there are several books on the topic from that long ago.

The idea is to keep a natural ecosystem where plants and animals benefit each other. For example, the faecal matter from the animals gives nutrients to the animals and the plants keep the nitrates in the system low by using the faecal matter us food. The addition of woodlice, springtails and the like help the balance too. Waterfalls and other natural like features can be added too. There is a wide range of plants commercially available, as well as loads of equipment that will help maintain a natural terrarium. Popular animals to keep in natural terraria are frogs and Day Geckos. There are variations on the theme, such as paludaria or as they are often called paludariums. These are a terrarium that is fully planted, but with a large water section. Many people keep fish or aquatic frogs along with terrestrial frogs and / or Day geckos. 

The whole world of natural terraria opens up an exciting way of keeping reptiles and amphibians. We can help by giving you lots of tips and advice, should you wish to build your own terrarium. We also offer a fully built bespoke terrarium to the customers requirements, the department showcases the work that we can achieve. Check it out next time you visit.

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