ProRep are a brand with a long history and relationship with Coast to Coast Exotics. In the fledgling days of Coast to Coast Exotics founder Kevin Stevens convinced ProRep’s parent company, Peregrine Livefoods, to stock frozen rodents rather than just focussing on cricket and locust production. Coast to Coast Exotics in those days supplied many of the wholesalers in the UK with their frozen rodents, selling around five to seven tons of dead rats and mice per month. Yes, gruesome – but all animals need to have their dinner! When Peregrine Livefoods started stocking frozen rodents they sold well to the pet shops they supplied – alongside the crickets and locusts. From here Peregrine stocked a wide range of heaters, lights, décor and other goods and well, the rest is history. They are now one of two major players in this industry in the UK – giving birth to their own range, ProRep along the way. Coast to Coast Exotics became a partner business to Peregrine Livefoods some years ago and has supported and worked with ProRep throughout. Coast to Coast aims to stock every line in their range.

A breakdown of their vast range needs to start somewhere – but it really is huge and inevitably some will be missed. Some very basic needs of many of the animals we keep is providing heating and lighting – ProRep recognised this and introduced products early on. Their heat mats have been around a long time, available in many sizes and differing versions. They have an excellent track record in safety for you and your animals. Coast to Coast Exotics have sold them for many years, we can’t remember one coming back faulty. Likewise for overhead heating with their ceramic heaters. We love ceramic heaters. Some keepers argue the lack of light from a ceramic is an issue, but all spotlights produce such a low level of light it replicates less than shade in natural outdoor conditions – so there is little benefit using what is currently on the market combining heat and light. We prefer to keep heat and light separate so we have total control, and feel this gives the best results – especially for the less experienced. ProRep’s ceramics are reliable and do a great job, and complement the ProRep range of fittings, reflectors and guards. We suggest the use of spotlights to provide additional basking areas during the daytime, especially in larger vivaria. ProRep’s range was brought to market several years ago, and provides a very cost effective choice.


The next basic requirement for keeping an animal, and as important as heating and lighting, is food and supplements. Thankfully ProRep are aware of this, mainly due to their parent company providing much of the countries requirements of livefood. They have developed some specialist foods for herbivorous and omnivorous species such as their weed growing seeds and kits. This allows keepers of tortoises, Bearded Dragons and Uromastyx to feed their animals a nutritional diet quickly and easily. In this process children love growing food for their pets, creating a further bond between them. There are some other great herbivorous diets in the ProRep range too – including dry leaves / flowers / herbs and dry pelleted food in various versions. ProRep haven’t forgot their roots either, they have a range of diets and water substitutes for your lifefood. This will not only keep your livefood alive longer, and save money, it also gut loads the livefood with added vitamins and supplements that is passed to your pet.


Another absolute must to keep a successful vivarium and a happy and healthy exotic pet is your choice of floor covering – also known as substrate. Not content on just the traditional substrates such as beech chip and aspen, they introduced their Life Series range which aims to closely replicate what several species / habitat specific floor covering would be in the wild. Got a Crestie? Yes, there’s a substrate. Leopard gecko? Yep, a fantastic substrate for them. Do you keep something more unusual like a Collared lizard? They come from deserts – ProRep have a desert species specific substrate. It’d get boring covering the full range, but it’s fair to say it’d be difficult to think of a substrate requirement not covered in the range! Don’t forget there are specialist substrates such as incubation medium with two varieties of vermiculite.


An unusual more recent addition to their range compliments their Life Series Bio Terrarium substrates – a massive range of live plants. Here at Coast to Coast Exotics we love eco-terraria, so were ecstatic when this was launched! It covers everything from airplants, moss, bromelia, cacti, trailing plants, tall plants – even edible plants for species such as Bearded Dragons! Fantastic! Don’t forget their range of various natural branches and their very clever terrascaping resin products too.


Cleanliness within the terrarium, and the keepers personal hygiene is very important. This has been met by ProRep with a great selection of disinfectants and hand hygiene products. We love their ProTect range of disinfectants including our favourite Ultimate disinfectant. Yes, it may be more expensive than more basic cleaners, but it is awesome. For a cheaper alternative ProRep provide their VivClean – perfect! Oh, and their Ultimate range includes hand hygiene products……


From there on ProRep have cleverly filled as many gaps in their range as they can. Now this is where the range is so vast it’s almost impossible to cover everything. Water sprayers, plastic plants, bowls, tweezers, livefood care kits, vivarium locks – you name it! It really is a range of products Coast to Coast Exotics is very proud to have on their shelves.

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