A fantastically impressive snake species, best suited to those that are more experienced at snake keeping due to their irritable nature. They originate from Thailand and the Malaysian Peninsula and grow to around six feet long. Some writers report that wild individuals tend to be quite calm – not my own findings.

They are often cave dwellers, only active during the day in the caves. Outside of caves they are purely nocturnal, but often take up residence in disused buildings and then revert back to daytime activity in the darkness of the building. They are well documented catching bats in mid-flight and whilst roosting during the day. Birds are also caught on the wing, this ability to catch flying creatures probably accounts for the lightening strikes and their well known irritable nature.

A larger vivarium for an adult is essential – an adult will require a two metre long, and one metre tall vivarium is a minimum. Sturdy branches, rolls of cork bark placed upright and flat will all provide climbing decor and hides. They need a moderate humidity level, just ensure it doesn’t get too damp as this can cause skin issues – for this reason we would recommend something like orchid bark as a substrate, to release moisture into the air and perhaps a moss packed hide to provide a higher level of humidity in one local place. The key to avoiding skin issues is providing the ability to dry out thoroughly. A water bowl for drinking is essential, when shedding skin it may be advisable to provide a larger water bowl for soaking.

Heating is best provided by overhead heating such as a ceramic heater, halogen or incandescent bulb – there are keepers that have a definite preference, there are pros and cons to all – we personally use ceramic heaters. Lighting is debatable – some keepers venomously defend their belief that UVB lighting should be provided, others get great success without any form of lighting. If lighting is required we would recommend a 6% UVB T% fluorescent tube.

In captivity there is no need for bats nor birds to feed your snake – they are greedy feeders and will take rats and mice of appropriate size.

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