There are several artificial tortoise diets on the market at the moment that can complement the dietary requirements of the commonly kept species. These should not be used solely in their diet, and are designed to be used with weeds. There are also weed seeds and weed growing kits for those that do not have easy access to their own source of safe, clean weeds such as dandelions.


Pellets; There are several on the market, some are better than others. We particularly recommend the ProRep Tortoise food in jars.  ProRep’s low protein, high fibre tortoise food combines a range of natural foods, including grasses and edible weeds, which are chopped and then formed into cobs, before being gently dried. Because they are not cooked at high temperatures or finely ground, more of the natural goodness is retained. With a natural scent to aid palatability and added calcium and vitamin D3 for healthy nutrition, this low in protein, high fibre advanced food is suitable for all mediterranean type tortoises, including Hermann’s, Marginated, Spur Thigh and Horsefield’s Tortoises, as well as African Spurred Tortoises (G. Sulcata).


Dried leaf and Flower mixes; There are two main brand ranges, ProRep and Komodo and there is little to distinguish between them. As the name suggests this is a mix of dried leaves and / or flowers designed to sprinkle on top of fresh weeds. There is also the Komodo Tortoise Edible Bedding, that uses a similar principle.


Weeds; There are two options, the easiest being the ProRep Tortoise Seed Kit (and no, this doesn’t grow tortoises from seed!). Everything you need to grow fresh weeds is included. There is also the option to purchase seeds separately to reuse the kit, or to grow with your own equipment and soil mixes.

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