In the wild the Yellow Bellied toad is a widespread semi-aquatic toad distributed through central Western Europe through to the East and into parts of Asia. Unlike many toads this species never strays far from water and is most commonly found floating on the top of the water in shallow pools, ditches and slow moving streams. They are often found in and around human habitation in temporary bodies of water such as ruts made by tractors and the like. Apart from the bright belly colouration its very notable for its call – a series of calls are made, many liken the sound to a laugh or a cackle.

Probably one of the easiest species of amphibian to cater for – decent size shallow water area and a smaller portion of land with hides. For this reason a water tight glass terrarium is ideal, the water area doesn’t need to be any deeper than around 15cm. The set up can be a little more complex, with the use of live plants etc, or it can be very sterile with very little to decorate the vivarium. Just ensure they can get out of the water when they want to, onto a section of land with hides. Room temperature is ideal, there is little need to provide a heater unless your home is very cold. Certainly 15-22C would be around their ideal temperatures. They will bask in sunlight whilst floating on the surface of the water, for this reason a lower powered UVB T5 fluorescent tube may be provided.

Food is easily provided, they are greedy feeders and can be easily trained to eat from your fingers (saves drowned insects in the water). They will eat the smaller sized commercially available livefood insects such as crickets, locusts, waxworms and small earthworms. We would always recommend using a good quality multi-vitamin powder dusted on their food. However there is an issue here, the semi-aquatic conditions will make the powder easily come off the livefood. There are some powders that claim to stick better, but I try to get around this problem by training them to hand feed. I don’t do it every time, but this way I know they are getting a balanced diet.

Such a characterful toad species, easy to keep, small and full of fun. We generally always have this species in stock and highly recommend them.

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